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    Post by emad on Mon Jul 12, 2010 6:26 pm

    T&A Teacher

    تحذير فقط للكبار فوق + 20 ولا يصلح للمشاهدة العائلية


    T&A Teacher is a fun little single episode sex romp with Ayaka that has a mix of

    brutality and fun that's surprising at times. Ayaka's plucky attitude is fun at

    first and the way she messes with her students works well. But she balances

    into more trouble. Critical Mass' release looks good here for the most part but

    the chroma issue and dot crawl could be a real problem for some. A show like

    this normally wouldn't even be picked up, never mind dubbed, so I'm glad to see

    that both happened here. T&A Teacher wasn't a great way to pass the evening but

    it took the place of a sitcom and was commercial free. For that alone it gets

    some good words.

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