Beat Angel Escalayer


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    NEW Beat Angel Escalayer

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    Beat Angel Escalayer

    تحذير فقط للكبار فوق + 20 ولا يصلح للمشاهدة العائلية

    Two of the most popular anime genres, the sci-fi action adventure and the

    sexually explicit hentai, are combined in the satiric BEAT ANGEL ESCALAYER.

    Earth is in grave danger, as evil aliens have set their designs on the planet.

    The only hope is Sayuka, the Escalayer, a "fully-functional" android who gains

    super-powers when she's aroused. But there's one problem: the lesbian sex Sayuka

    routinely engages in with her assistant Madoka is no longer serving its purpose.

    As the aliens send a dangerous new robot to Earth, the situation becomes

    critical. Can local lothario Kyohei step up and please Sayuka before Earth is

    destroyed? BEAT ANGEL ESCALAYER may be animated, but it's definitely not for


    MP4 - 180 MB

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    Download 2

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    lookin hot thnx man


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    ‏‏يتعذر على Internet Explorer عرض صفحة ويب

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